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Few Covid Rules Summarized

Due to COVID and the hockey shutdown NMYHA is following all MN Hockey and State of Minnesota rules that are in place due to COVID. Please note that these rules can change at any time so please be patient and aware of rule changes. I have attached the rules and here are some highlights:

1. Masks must be worn by everyone at all times. This includes players that are on the ice, and coaches. Anyone that isn't wearing a mask will be asked to put one on or leave the arena. If any players and coaches that are asked by a ref, arena staff, or NMYHA board member to wear a mask, that is considered their first warning. Any time after that, a report will be sent to District 3 for follow-on review.

2. We are allowing 2 spectators per player and coach. Young children that can't be left alone by themselves do not count towards the 2 spectator rule. This will be strictly enforced. Please do not bring extra people with you to the tournament. They will not be allowed in the arena.

3. Players and coaches can enter the arena 10 minutes prior to the start of their games. Please do not drop your player off early as the doors will be moniterd and they will be waiting outside. Also please do not line up in front of the door and wait. Spectators will be allowed in at the start of the scheduled game time. Again, please do not line up in front of the door and wait to come in. 3 coaches per team on the bench only

4. No bags are allowed. Only exception is goalies. Players must come dressed and can put on skates, helmets and gloves in the arena. Goalies must come half dressed, and can put their leg pads, skates, helmets, glove, blocker on in the arena.

5. Spectators are not allowed to linger in the lobby. Once you enter, go to your assigned side of the arena. After the game, please leave immediately. Do not wait for your player in the lobby or any area of the arena.”

6. No concessions will be allowed.

7. No other vendors are allowed meaning no chuck a puck, silent auction or other traditional vendors

 8. We’ll post the brackets on the outside of the first doors in the front entry vestibule. (So they can be read from the vestibule in between the entry doors)  That way everyone will be able to see them as they enter and exit the arena.

9. Our EMT will be stationed in between the rinks and away from the boxes or benches for all games

Covid-19 Policy

Please pay for tournament in full when registering.  If we have to cancel our tournaments due to Covid-19 North Metro will reimburse your association minus $100 admin fee to cover advertising, payment fees, etc.  If you have any questions please reach out to

Annual Pirate Classic
Martin Luther King Jr. Tournament
January 15, 16, 17 2021
PeeWee B, PeeWee C
New this year will be patches awarded to players for the following (1 patch per player per tournament):
Hat Trick - 3 Goals in one game
Playmaker - 3 assists in one game
Shutout - No goals allowed by a single Goalie
Amanda Naylor

Amanda Naylor

Tournament Director-NMYHA

Phone: 612-619-2691